Professional China Manual Face Massager - Electric Blackhead Remover – Boyuan

-Problems Solved:This cleanser machine adopts high technology and vacuum extraction to help you reduce blackhead , acne,exfoliate dead skin, and treatment for the sagging skin and wrinkle, skin Rejuvenation,make your skin health. -USB charge:The Ketrina blackhead remover is made of high quality ABS material, using non-invasive and non-irritating vacuum suction technology.It also support USB charging make it very convenient to use and charge.blackhead remover vacuum blackhead remover vacuum blackhead remover vacuum. - 6 interchangeable heads that you're putting your best face forward. Our vacuum comes with 6 interchangeable heads that can be used for exfoliation, skin firming, pore cleaning, and comedo suction.  EFFICIENT AND SAFE - Unlike the traditional blackhead removal tools has little effects and damage the skin, the comedo extractor pore cleanser remove the blackhead with suction power. It is physical cleaning method, no chemical ingredient hurt the skin. The comedo suction blackhead vacuum acne comedo extractor also clears acne and improves the texture of the skin dramatically over a period of time.