Most sold 2020 Fit To Face Design Infrared LED Photon Facial Mask Private Label

7 lights Infrared LED Facial Mask

What makes it different? Improve your skin tone and elasticity simultaneously. Only 10 minutes a day to make your skin more radiant. Special design:
  • Controler design : English and Chinese language switching. Voice guide is provided for 3, 6, 10 minutes to notice the remaining time.
  • Eye protection design : Rear eyecup design to avoid damage to eyes.
  • Velcro band design : Adhustable, removable, flexible and confartable.
  • One-piece design: Light, beautiful and easy to operate.
  7 Chromotherapy LED lights & Near-infrared Improve your skin tone and elasticity at the same time for firm and gorgeous skin!
  • Red light : Anti-aging & promotes colagen production.
  • Yelow light : Reduces melanin production.
  • Bule light : Soothes inflammation & calms sensitive skin.
  • Cyan light : Reduces skin tension, swollen capillaries.
  • Green light : Lightens hyper-pigmentation spots.
  • White light : Relax skin, accelerate growth and healing of skin cells.
  • Purple light : Promotes lymphatic drainage.
  • Near-infrared wavelengths of 840-860nm can penetrate the skin to reach the skin muscle layer and stimulate the regeneration of skin collagen through light waves, thereby slowing down skin aging and achieving the effect of firming the texture. And it will not hurt the eyes.
  • Power supply(AC Adapter): Input :    100-240V~50/60 Hz Max, 0.3A. Output :  5V, 1A.
  • Dimensions(W*H*D): Approx : 183mm*238mm*98mm(LED Mask). Approx : 42mm*120mm*29mm(Controller).
  • Light source : Light Emitting.
  • Operating humidity : 0% to 90%.
  • Operating temperature : 5℃ to 35℃.
  • Recommended rsage time : Once per day.

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