Mens skin care silicon facial cleanser electric beauty device limpiador solve face oil cuidado de la piel de los hombres

Extremely skin-friendly, environmental-friendly and high-activity silicone which is safe and non-irritating with soft and smooth food silicone. Its breathable microporous structure can prevent bacterial Touch points of the front side is used to clean the dirt and remove makeup residue. The unique massage area on the back is specially designed for the back, neck and other body parts. Double-sided head can effectively clean and massage body to keep youthfulness of body skin. 4030 touch points densely arrayed like a matrix which can strongly absorb pores dirt and remove makeup residue,and gently but deeply cleanse facial skin. IPX7-level waterproof which is easy to clean make it usable even while bathing. Intelligent reminder function which automatically stop in three minutes is easy for you to master the using time.The battery will be fully charged after two hours, which can be used about 100 times.         7 -frequency variable speed can not only adjust electric cleaning degree which is suitable for the various skin type but also accelerate skin's blood microcirculation, relieve fatigue, effectively soothe expression lines, brighten skin and restore skin's elasticity and firmness.
Speed:1 2100 RPM
Speed 2: 3100 RPM
Speed 3:  3600 RPM
Speed  4:  5100 RPM
Speed 5:  6200 RPM
Speed 6: 7200 RPM
Speed 7: 8000 RPM
    Functions: 1. High-frequency Vibration for Deep Clean High-frequency vibration can help the keratin to fall off, and expand the gap between keratinocytes to deeply clean the makeup residue and dirt also shrink pores, tighten loose skin, increase skin elasticity. Also, it helps the skin to produce high-energy movements, enhances tissue metabolism, and softens tissue and tightens. 2. High-frequency Vibration for Massaging-relax The deep massage is performed by high-frequency vibration, and the microcirculation is improved at the same timeas the fast movement, so that the fat cells are burned and lysed and converted into metabolites to be excreted, thereby achieving a clean effect and make your body relaxed.   Selling Advantages: 1. High vibration frequency: 7 levels, high up to 8000 times/min 2. Silicone touchpoint: 4030; Food Grade liquid silicone 3. Battery capacity: 450mAH; 4. Automatic mode: 3 minutes auto-stop; 5. Certification: CE, Rohs, FCC, MSDS, Patent ,etc... 6. Waterproof level: IPX7 Waterproof 7. Memory function    How to use: 1. After makeup-removal, please wet your face and the device. 2. Apply appropriate facial cleansing foam or cream on the face or the device. 3. Choose the suitable speed and make the device circularly on your face to get abundant foam. 4. Switch the speed level as you like to enjoy the effectively cleaning. 5. The device will turn off automatically for 3 minutes Note: It enters to the Medium Speed(Speed 4) when it’ s powered. Also it will keep the same speed as last time if you restart it in one  Contact us: Name:Lily lee Tel/whatsapp/Wechat:+86 18274325079  

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