IPL Laser Removal Device Machine USB Rechargeable Handheld Lady ice-cool Permanent Portable Depiladora Epilator IPL Hair Removal

Product Description
 Are you still worried about unwanted hair?Do you wanna be a perfect person?  Stop spending money on waxing or on products that irritate your skin.  With our painless hair remover product, you can painlessly remove hair easier than ever!   Let's enjoy removing hair from now on!  The IPL laser hair removal can not only effectively remove hair, it can also promote cell regeneration, restore skin elasticity and rejuvenate skin.  IPL technology, the pulse light penetrates into hair follicles to inhibit the hair regrowth ability, long term use can achieve permanent hair removal.   What is new for this product?  [Permanent IPL Hair Removal] Ice Cool IPL Hair Removal adopts the photon beauty IPL epilation technique and uses the selective photothermolysis to destroy hair regeneration mechanism by increasing the hair follicle temperature high enough to break the germinal cells. It will not damage the bad skin and surrounding skin tissue.   [Ice Cool & Painless Technology]The unique cooling system makes the laser shoot directly into the hair roots, cooling down the skin synchronously and improving the user’s comfort. On the basis of light and radio frequency treatment, the Ice Cool painless repair technology make you feel cool without heat. It can really give you painless hair removal. It is most suitable for sensitive skin and those people who can’t endure pain.   [5 Energy Levels & 500,000 Flashes]The ice cool laser hair removal has 5 levels to adapt skin sensitivities. Up to 999,999 Fleshes design, you don’t need to extra buy a replacement cartridge for this hair removal device. It’s very value product for every one   [Manual Mode & Auto Mode]Manual Mode is suitable for small area, like bikini line, chin, face and lips ect...; Auto Mode is suitable for large area, like arms, legs, chest and back ect...     [ Does not burn your skin ] 2rd Generation IPL laser technology. Distance between filter and skin is optimized to not only provide the most effective depilation but also minimal pain.   [ Efficiently removes even the shortest hairs (up to 0.5 mm) from the root ] - though epilation is easier and more comfortable when hair is 3-4 mm   [ Effective Result ] - Clinical studies shows 80% reduction after the forth treatment, while 90% hair is gone after 10 treatment permanently.   How to use 1)Shave hair. 2)Wear glasses and turn on the device. 3)Touch power switch key.The device has seven energy. 4)Choose flash mode or slide mode. 5)Move to next treatment area. There is a certain overlap between the two treatment area please repeat the treatment according to the above steps. 6)Touch and hold power switch key (1) down for 3 seconds to turn off the device after treatment.  
Product name Ice cooling IPL Hair Removal Device    
Power setting 5 levels
Voltage 100-240V
Output . 0 A  1 2 v = 4.0A
size  69*41.5*172mm
Energy setting 36W
Wavelength 590-1200nm
Light area 3*1.0=3.0cm²
Net weight 330g
Packaging & Shipping
What accessories in the package box : 1 x Main Device 1x Shaver 1x Glasses 1 x Power Adapter;  
How to use


1.1-3 weeks Hypnotic hair follicle,hair follicles begin to atrophy, hair growth slows down and becomes thinner. 2.4-5 weeks - Hair fall off. 85% of hair has inhibited growth, significantly reducing hair. 3.6-7 weeks - Inhibiting regeneration. 95% of the area was completely removed and inhibit hair regeneration. 4.More than 8 weeks –Permanently suppresses hair regeneration and skin becomes smooth.  

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