Health Skincare Cleansing Nose Pore Beuaty Care

 Dual-solution Ultrasonic Anti-Aging Exfoliation Device Facial                   Skin Spatula Face Lifting Device    Dual-solution ultrasonic skin scrubber -High frequnency ultrasonic oscillation technology is let the skin's surface  underpressure and vibration,it can effectively removes blackheads ,dead skin,heping your skin to refreshing.   Boost your cleansing and lifting skin -Micro current pulse technology is let the skin boost your blood circulation lifting and tightening .   Improves skin absorb -Vibration Massage help your skin easily to absorb nutrients.    !!Caution: 1. Do not use the device or the USB cable if it is damaged. 2. Do not use the device for any other purpose than gently treating the upper and lower eye lids and the full eye. 3. It is advised to use no more 15 minutes a day ( The device will turn off automatically for 15 minutes) 4. For hygienic reasons, we advise you to not share the device with other people.  

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