facial cleansing brush with case waterproof sonic facial cleansing brush facial cleansing face

Product Description
  Product Features:   1. Deep Cleaning 6000-12000 micro sonic pulsations per minute reach into the depths of your pores and dislodge makeup residue,bacteria and other impurities, improve blood circulation and promote better cleanser absorption.   2. Anti-Bacterial The device is made with antimicrobial food grade silicone, so you can rest assured that it will be super clean at all times since silicone is not prone to bacterial growth. In addition, you would never have to replace a brush head ever again. The silicone based design provides the softest cleanse and massage you will be sure to enjoy.   3. Multi-Functional The device combines cleaning, led therapy with heating massaging all in a terse size which is convenient for travel   4. Waterproof Design It is IPX6 level waterproof which means the product is waterproof in up to 3 feet of water which makes it easy to clean and even use your device while bathing.   5. Adjustable Levels for Temperature And Vibration 3 different speeds and temperature to choose from let you personalize your cleansing and massage experience based on your skin type and personal preference.   6. Water Detention It’ s equipped with unique design for water detention to ensure enough water when you clean your face with cleanser or foam.   7. Ergonomic Design It is ergonomically designed to be easily grasped and reach all areas of your face to provide an even gentler cleansing and massage experience. Functions:   1. Deep Cleansing The device uses micro sonic pulses to reach deep into your pores and lift out all the dirt, oil, bacteria and other impurities that your hands cannot reach. Wide-arrayed touchpoints on the device ensure that no area of your face is left out and multiple cleaning zones make the device compatible with all skin types.   2. Heating Therapy Also called thermotherapy, is the use of heat in therapy, for pain relief and health. Heat works on the skin directly, relaxes muscles, improves and stimulates blood circulation, opens pores, facilitates cleansing, eliminates toxins, excess fat and bacteria. By opening the pores of the skin, it helps absorb better treatments such as facial and body masks. It also increases the ductility of collagen tissue; reduces joint stiffness; relieves pain; relieves muscle spasm; reduces inflammation, assists therapy acute edema, and increases blood flow.   3. LED Therapy Special LED light for beauty is very stable and won’ t cause any damage to your skin. BLUE Wavelength-415nm: Excellent effect on beauty, improve sensitive skin. RED Wavelength-630nm: Stimulate skin cells to excrete  
Heating Temperature 37℃-41℃(98℉-105.8℉)
 Working current  120mA
 Led light  Blue, Red
 Unit Size  61*61*31MM
 N.W  59g           
 Output Power  5V 1A
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