Blackhead remover vacuum 63Kpa

Product Technolody  :    1.This pore cleanser machine adopts high technology combo of diamond microdermabrasion and vacuum extraction 

2.To help you reduce acne/blackhead, exfoliate dead skin, tighten your skin and improve skin elasticity to promote skin health. Enjoy salon-quality treatment at anywhere and anytime!

-4 REPLACEABLE SUCTION HEADS, MULTI-FUNCTION  -5 INTENSITY AND LED DISPLAY ADD FOR ESAY OPERATION Blackhead is a plug of sebum in a hair follicle, darkened by oxidation.The traditional way of extracting it is by mask or nose strip which would cause the skin loose and painful.

The new way of cleaning the comedo, acne and blackheads or whiteheads is by this vacuum blackhead remover. Using the latest technology and won't hurt skin. Professional and safe for even teenagers. 

Comedo suction beauty machine Features: 1. The facial pore cleanser is easy to wash. 2. The 5 suction strength stalls is adjustable. 3. The pore vacuum cleaners head is replaceable.

4. The electric blackhead remover with a LCD display, you can see the suction strength level and electricity condition clearly.