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IPL EPILATOR FOR PERMANENT HAIR REMOVAL-Ketrina unique hair removal system is suitable for both men and women, can not only effectively remove hair, it can also promote cell regeneration, restore skin elasticity and rejuvenate skin, the pulse light penetrates into hair follicles to inhibit the hair regrowth ability, long term use can achieve permanent hair removal   WHY THIS HAIR REMOVAL MACHINE DIFFERENT--Designed as 7 adjustable energy levels, you can choose the suitable energy level according to the skin tolerance, it is suggested to try from the lowest level. 3.0cm2 light launch area, 500000 times flash, efficient and fast hair removal. Quartz lamp head for better hair removal effect and longer using life   MANUAL AND AUTOMATIC FLASH--With two operation mode: manual and automatic flash. The automatic flash is suitable for arms, legs area, the manual flash is for lip, armpit, bikini area hair removal, you can choose the suitable mode for different needs. Non-irritating, no any adverse reactions or side effects, safe and painless without hurting   WHAT’S ADVANTAGE OF HAIR TRIMMER-IPL uses light pulses in the visible light region of 420 to 1,200 nm to act on the melanin of hair follicles, destroying the growth points of hair follicles to achieve hair removal. Besides IPL's light energy activates collagen and eliminates melanin. Recommended using 2~3 times per week, continuous use 4~6 times (about 2 weeks or more)    
Item name IPL laser hair removal
Size 162*81*45.5mm
Net/Gross weight 0.24kg/0.75kg
Adaptor AC100~240V @ 12V DC 3A
Operating temperature range 10℃~35℃
Operating humidity range Relative humidity 30%~75%.
Light launch area 3cm2
IPL level 7 Levels
Lamp tube life >500000 times
Lamp tube Xenon quartz tube