2020 blackhead remover blackhead pore remover blackhead remover inface

Product Description
      How To Use: 1) Please thoroughly clean your face, then apply a wet warm towel or facial cleanser to your face for 5-10 minutes. This will make your pores to open up.   2) Please do not apply the device at the same spot on your skin for more than 3 seconds. It needs to move up and down constantly.   3) After use, We recommend you apply cold water to your face, this will close the pores for that refreshing feeling.   4) Please adjust the suction pressure based on your skin type.   5) After use, it is normal that your face turns to be a little red and sensitive, the redness will disappear in approximately 30 minutes.   6) Please do not use device in conjunction with other beauty tools or remedies. Friendly Tips: 1) Please do not use the device on areas where there are scars, cuts or pimples. Also Please don’t suction the same area all the time, or it will make the skin swell.   2) If you are dry skin type, we recommend you use it once a week, for oily skin type twice a week. Each session should not exceed 15 minutes. Please adjust proper levels based on your skin type accordingly.   3) Please do not press the suction area on your skin with force. The device itself has strong suction pressure.   4) If skin turns swell, please stop use immediately.
Power 5W
Working Current  ≤1A
Input Voltage DC 5V
Battery Capacity 1000mah
Suction power 65KPa
Charging time about 3 hours
Working time 9 hours
Material ABS+UV
Charging Type USB Charging
Packaging & Shipping
1) Issue: The device does not turn on. Solution: Press the power button for 3 seconds, If it still does not work please charge the unit. If all fails please send it in for repairs. 2) Issue: Batteries won’t get charged. Solution: Check if the device has already been fully charged. Please attach the device to the charging port and make sure it has been connected to power. 3) Issue: No suction pressure from the device. Solution: Make sure the battery is fully charged. If the suction section has no sound please send it in for repairs. 4) Issue: Suction pressure is very low. Solution: Make sure the battery is fully charged, Removal the detachable head and re-install it. 5) Issue: Is the unit waterproof. Solution: The main body is not waterproof. You may remove the detachable head and clean it with water. 6) Issue: How to clean the device? Solution: Please wipe the device with a dry towel. DO NOT wash with water.
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